20 January 2014
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20 January 2014,

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Members of One Asian Foundation’s executive group travelled to Manado, North Sulawesi to meet with key government officials in the region. Professor Alex Melbourne, Mr. Bappa Maitra, Mr. Charles Poluan and Mr. Decca W.P. joined local advisors, Professors Alex Masengi and Winston Warrow to meet with Manado City Mayor Mr. Vicky Lumentut, South Minahasa Kabupaten Ibu Christiany Paruntu and other prominent officials from North Sulawesi.

The purpose of the trip was to gain valuable support for the Banyan Eco Oasis project, introducing the executive team to government officials and offering One Asian Foundation’s services to the region. Exclusive dinner, breakfast and luncheon meetings were conducted, as well as a high profile day trip to South Minahasa to survey the project site.

Professor Alex Melbourne, said that “The Banyan Eco Oasis will create considerable employment and will create wealth in the community of the region that the resort is been developed in the South Minahasa. This is an excellent opportunity for developing natural recourses sustainably”.

Mr. Maitra, who is currently discussing the initial capital funding of the project with investors, said that “The whole scenario of North Sulawesi, especially South Minahasa, is exciting. The Banyan Eco Oasis project site is exotic, mysterious and completely different to what Indonesia has to offer right now. The people are some of the friendliest and happiest that I have ever encountered. Their culture is welcoming, the food is outstanding and the air is so fresh. I am looking forward to packaging this project up and offering it out to the lucky few investors who will have a chance to get involved. There is nothing like this project and the team around it out there; and won’t be anything like this for some time to come.”

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