Banyan Eco Oasis Destination Resort

Popareng (North Sulawesi) National Reserve Strategic Approach 2013-2015

ASEAN greatest wildlife game park, flora & fauna reserve

Banyan Eco Oasis is in North Sulawesi and it is a destination resort that puts the customer first and delivers service second to none. It comprises an amphitheater of leisure with boundaries of a private residential estate. Refreshed by the bountiful trade winds associated with the fabulous spice islands, Banyan Eco Oasis Destination Resort enjoys a relaxing, predictable micro climate bathed by the warm waters of the Sulawesi Seas. A veritable ‘Garden of Eden’ where visitors can experience a simpler place in time!

North Sulawesi is the Eco Oasis gateway of Indonesia recognised as the premier destination for Flora and Fauna in the heart of the Coral Triangle. Described as the ‘cradle of evolution’ astride of the renowned Wallacea line, the region is the leading hub for eco-tourism.

The mission of this project is to identify foot-path of various development, an integrated concept of eco-tourism eco-marine, national park, wild life preservation, Game Park, tropical science centre, rehabilitation centre and education facility.

To attain public private partnerships with leading academic institutions The Regent of South Minahasa and Indonesian Ministry of Tourism will enable the destination resort to become a Bunaken 2 Maritime Park and Marine Sanctuary without Equal in the Pacific Rim.

The Integrated resort encompasses two exclusive Eco Lodges adjacent to interna- tional standard leisure facilities including a 18 hole golf course, Eco marine park, international wellness centre and research and development facilities to cover coastal maritime, forest, land and ocean.

Banyan Eco Oasis Destination Resort (BEOR) will become a self-sufficient center (meaning generating income through revenue and to profile social environmental values as well as social responsibility to the world).

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