Strategic Advisory

One Asian’s business model delivers synergy for organisations capitalising on opportunities, delivering visions, creating strategies, implementing and achieving profitable outcomes.

Startup companies entering a new region, can be assisted and their target marketing implemented, integrated with focused planning and execution of achieving market penetration. Partnering local organisations assisting them with international profile whilst strengthening their internal procedures and robustness.

One Asian provides strategic advisory services and economic and asset management solutions to governments and regional authorities to enhance capacity building planning and investment on both inward and outward investment strategies. Team One Asian delivers a cost effective spectrum of management advisory solutions to businesses inclusive of strategic consulting, including business plans and corporate strategy development. One Asian provides a dynamic bridge between businesses in various sectors.

One Asian partners with experts to deliver value added solutions for organisations. A full project management team delivers projects on budget on time.

In ASEAN One Asian partner with the USI Foundation to deliver beneficial solutions specific to the needs and economic climate of the country and it’s culture.

Focal areas of advisory include; Property & Leisure, Renewable Energy, Business Development and Positioning, Market Penetration Strategies, HRD development.

Corporate & Financial

One Asian Advisory have international expertise across the financial services sector. We enable win-win partnerships in economic and asset management solutions, Build Operate Transfer, implementation, implementation and market development.

Within Asia-Pacific the group provides partnership advisory services for those Managers and Institutions wishing to benefit from the opportunities within the Asia region and beyond. Working with parties to develop financial vehicles for PE, Venture Capital and Mutual fund opportunities within Asia, we work as partners to fulfil financial objectives.

One Asian own the rights to products, services, licenses, and patents covering distribution regionally and delivering representation for trans-national groups wishing to organically grow their activities regionally without the limitation of country know-how whilst minimising the risks.

Natural Resource Trading and Trade Investment Advisory

The demand for South East Asian Natural Resources, as well as the risks and complications that may occur during delivery process are well documented. Operating in a world of dubious asset owners, unreliable buyers and archaic investment ideas, South East Asian Natural Resources trading can be extremely tedious.

As a solution to all this, One Asian has decided that the best way to operate is through an intricate confluence of dealing with verified asset owners and end buyers, risk mitigated investment structures and strong operational teams. These lock in discounted prices, long term buy contracts and safe, guaranteed delivery of cargo.

We start by the verifying the asset owner and the end buyer. Then, we think that the best way to invest realistically and safely into this market is through risk mitigated investment structures which work with the verified asset owner and end buyers. Finally, operationally One Asian’s affiliated ground team consists of experienced solution providers and their vast network along the supply chain, ensure reliable, bankable delivery.

One Asian can provide high level advisory on –

  • Trading (Delivery)
  • Off-Take Agreements
  • Asset Partnerships
  • Asset Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Asset Take Over

Risk Mitigated Investment Structures

Property & Energy Advisory

One Asian have recognised the key role of the tourism, property and renewable energy sectors in the region. The task force is led by Professor Alexander Melbourne focussing on Property & Energy Advisory.

One Asian provide value added profitable property & energy services with a focus on sustainability. Adopting environmentally friendly technologies with renewable energy applications can lower operational costs and increase profitable revenues. Sustainability is a touchstone for all innovation.

A sustainable community is one in which improvement in the quality of human life is achieved in harmony with improving and maintaining the health of ecological systems; and where a healthy economy’s industrial base supports the quality of both human and ecological systems.

There are two key services areas the division services: property project management and development and the application of energy efficient renewable technologies cost effectively.

Property Management and Development

One Asian provide strategic advisory for clients wishing to maximise the potential of land use and concept development.

  • Best use analysis – Land use related to commercial management applications.
  • Tourism – Hotel and Resort Property Development-­‐Project Management and feasibility.
  • Assessment of investment options and establishment of bankable proposals for financing options.
  • Services Marketing – Establishing concepts and developing winning brand management.
  • Change Management – Repositioning of business models and property development advisory services.
  • Procurement – Supply chain and infrastructure advisory services.
  • Start-up operations communications, marketing management and control systems.
  • Project management from concept planning through to successful launch including marketing assessment, training, pre-opening marketing and product management.

Renewable Energy Technologies

One Asian provide strategic advisory for clients wishing to maximise the benefits of new technologies and resources.

  • Site evaluation of options for energy production and sustainable waste management.
  • Together with international partners, assessment of investment opportunities for renewable energy applications.
  • Project management and development of renewable energy solutions.
  • Enabling financing and programme development of resources using organic wastes in sustainable processing for zero waste outcomes.
  • Training, project management and establishment of BOT (build operate transfer) solutions.
  • Brokering profitable partnerships with technology services providers, capital investors and commercial waste owners/operators.
  • Delivery of vocational training support covering pre­‐operational services to enable projects to commence on 9me on budget and maintain op9mal opera9onal performance.