Professor Alexander R Melbourne

Professor Alexander R Melbourne

Vice President & Director, Development and Marketing

Alex is highly experienced in international trade marketing, management and facilitation of joint venture programmes in sustainable ventures. His expertise in change management covers performance management and people development in International services organisations.

Alex has decades of experience in project management covering international partnerships, establishing joint ventures and consortia in cleantech and resources development. He has extensive experience working in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia & South Pacific and has networks with multinational companies delivering profitable transnational outcomes.

He has a sharp focus on sustainable outcomes meeting targets and international growth strategies.

Non-Executive Directors

Roy J. Simandjuntak

Roy J. Simandjuntak

Director, Financial Management

10 years of experience in the printing, real estate and retail businesses. Diverse experience in many type of businesses both in the US and Indonesia, including online businesses.

As an accountant, he is knowledgeable in business laws and regulations, both in Indonesia and the US. As an entrepreneur, he is skillful and experienced in combining Western professionalism and the rich Eastern traditional cultures in his business activities, constantly shaping his businesses to be always flexible in facing every challenges.

Graduated at the University of California in Los Angeles. Masters degree in accounting and several years of experience working in the accounting firm in the US.

Living more than 10 years in the US, Roy moved back to Jakarta, Indonesia in 2010.

Jenny Chen

Jenny Chen

Managing Director, Westech Solar (UK) Ltd

Ms Chen is passionate to promote and increase accessibility to solar power, in line with the ethos of Westech Solar International, a member of R20 (Regions 20). Ms Chen strives to unite cultures and enable those who seek renewable energy solutions to common obstacles in everyday life.

In 2010 Ms Chen established Westech Solar (UK) Limited, forming a partnership with Westech Solar International and Perlight Solar Co., Ltd., trans-global manufacturers of solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies. Seeking to work with governments, organisations, communities and individuals around the world, reducing carbon emissions and human-kind’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Ms Chen worked for the Agricultural Bank of China for 10 years before relocating to the UK in 1999. She has experience in export and import international trading.

Ms Chen lives and works in Oxford, UK.

Anthony R Melbourne

Anthony R Melbourne

International Director of Tourism & Leisure Services

Anthony.R.Melbourne is a distinguished graduate of Auckland University in Inforrnation Technology and Finance based in Sydney.NSW Australia. He was worked for global market leaders in the Pacific Region ranging from Banking Systems Management and Finance, Communications and Entertainment, Multi Media, Travel & Leisure Services Project Management and Market Development and Business Optimisation.

Anthony's portfolio incorporates the analysis and review of multi-million dollar investments in property, transnational operations in renewable energy, transport, destination resort development and marketing.