One Asian delivers synergy through ecological, renewable and sustainable actions. The wealth from sustainable communities will be generated from and in Asia during the next decade.

Key opportunities centre around educating youth, establishing better technology and assisting companies to improve their operational processes delivering efficient and sustainable outcomes.

One Asian are the catalyst for change, working with experts in key sectors. Clients are facilitated with their opportunities delivering long-term sustainable solutions.

Delivering self-funding strategic advisory services across business sectors business sectors adding value to enterprises across the Asia-Pacific region.

The group was Incorporated in March 2000 to provide strategic advisory services to trans-national enterprises.

The One Asian Group is incorporated in the UK, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, with partners in Canada, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Seychelles, New Zealand and UAE.

In Indonesia the group has partnered with the Urban Solutions Institute Foundation - Seychelles to provide global vision, and operates under the trans-national brand of One Asian.

One Asian is in partnership with leading bespoke groups delivering excellence in international projects.

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